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    Girardin White Label

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    Gueuze White label is a tank fermented, filtered, and pasteurized gueuze. (Its counterpart, Girardin Gueuze 1882 (Black label), is unfiltered and unpasteurized.)

    Pours a clear orange colour with a creamy white head that lasts a few minutes. Notes of lemon peel, grass, a fair amount of leather and a funk. This bottle has less funk than its counterpart.

    Taste is soft and sweet, with a dry, almost bitter, finish to it. Flavor profile is mature, complex and inviting with notes of lemon peel, earthiness and brett, together with a white pepper bite.

    All in all a clean, delicious and perfectly crafted gueuze.

    Fakta om Girardin White Label
    Stilart Gueuze
    Størrelse 375 ml
    Alkohol 5%

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