Regular Adventurous Dose - Køl

    Regular Adventurous Dose

    300 kr

    Get a monthly shipping of exciting beers for the adventurous palate with the Regular Adventurous Dose, which will feature 4 to 8  adventurous beers with focus on Sours, IPAs and Stouts.

    On top of this, you will get the advantage of never having to remember order beers -
     you just have to remember to open your door when the delivery guy swings by.

    The monthly subscription is priced at 300 DKK + shipping. The amount will be drawn from your credit card automatically at the start of every month. 

    Payment for the first coming month is made up-front.
    Eg. if you sign up in mid March, your first box is already paid and will be shipped out first thing in April. Next automatic renewal will be 1st of May.

    If you wish to cancel your Monthly Dose, you can do so at any time. 

    Any questions can be directed at